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To start off with, I have four domains beside this one. One is for my publishing as I will continue to create new coloring books, Doodletime Design. A second one is Premium White Label Content, which is where I will be having my PLR shop. The third is for my POD (print-on-demand) shop, Golden Gifts and Wearables, where I will offer a variety of products using my graphic designs. The fourth site is a domain that I own, Professional Tightwad, but am not sure if I will develop it as a business site or a personal one.

This site, of course, is for sharing my new adventures as I build a business starting from almost nothing. I have the following assets published and live on Amazon: 17 coloring books, about 60 Bible study journals, 1 coloring journal, 5 notebooks, and 1 birding field log. Some of these are under pen names, but you’re welcome to check out my main author page. That’s the one I make the most royalties with thus far as my coloring books are my biggest sellers.

While I do earn royalties on the published books, it’s not consistent nor is it enough to even pay a bill at this point. Honestly, with the lack of marketing, I consider myself fortunate to get anything from Amazon right now.

And so it begins…

I just switched to Name Cheap for hosting a few days ago. I was using a different host but have been having a lot of issues lately. I typically recommend not using the same company as a registrar and a host, but Name Cheap has been around for a long time and has a stellar reputation. They offer free SSL for the first year, too.

The other thing I’ve started is to publish with Merch, which is Amazon’s POD arm for clothing and a couple other items. I’ve published a couple designs in the past but haven’t touched it since until now. On October 11th, I deleted my earlier designs (that hadn’t sold anyway) and published a new one. Two days later, I put up another. October 18 through today, I’ve published a new design every day.

I’m on the lowest tier of Merch – level 10. That means I am only allowed to submit one new design per day up until I have 10 designs live. Then you have to sell any combination of 10 products in order to advance to the next tier. I haven’t sold anything yet but the only thing I’ve done for promotion is to post each new product to my Facebook page.

I plan to use other POD (print-on-demand) fulfillment services for the most part so Merch is more of a test run for me. If something catches on, that would be awesome but I’m not really worried about it. It’s more for me to get in the habit of creating new products regularly.

Well, that pretty well covers where I’m at right now. I will be posting as often as I can to share my progress. My ongoing objective is to do three things daily, as taught by Alice Seba in her Ekithub Facebook group:

  • one thing to grow your audience,
  • one thing to get more sales, and
  • one thing to connect to your audience on a personal level.

Until next time!



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