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To start off with, I have four domains beside this one. One is for my publishing as I will continue to create new coloring books, Doodletime Design. A second one is Premium White Label Content, which is where I will be having my PLR shop. The third is for my POD (print-on-demand) shop, Golden Gifts and Wearables, where I will offer a variety of products using my graphic designs. The fourth site is a domain that I own, Professional Tightwad, but am not sure if I will develop it as a business site or a personal one. This site, of course, is for sharing my new adventures as I build a business starting from almost nothing. I have the following assets published and live on Amazon: 17 coloring books, about 60 Bible study journals, 1 coloring journal, 5 notebooks, and 1 birding field log. Some of these are under pen… Read More »Foundation