Baby steps

I haven’t made huge strides but I have been working on things. One is this site. I know it doesn’t look like much, but the tech stuff of setting up a blog makes me as tense as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs! That’s the main reason why I’ve kept things very minimalist here – less for me to break. I tested out several themes before finding this one to be simple enough yet still has the features I want. Colors are customizable, so if you hate the turquoise, that’s be on me. And there’s no guarantee it will stay turquoise but I like it right now so there you have it.

I’ve managed to get SSL certificates installed on each site, but haven’t added any content to the other domains yet. I think it’s best to get this one moving in the right direction first. I’m waiting for approval for MailerLite. Once that comes through, I will set up a newsletter and post a subscribe form here in the sidebar. The newsletter is where I’ll be sharing most of the resources and tools, as I want this blog to focus on the actual business building and gruntwork behind it.

I have not created more designs for Merch so I still have 7 published.

Another thing I’ve been doing is putting all my creative assets in my Adobe Cloud storage, which entailed organizing a gajillion files over the past couple weeks. While I was at it, I have also gone through much of my business files and thinned out my hoard. Sending my creatives to Adobe serves a dual purpose:

All of my original creatives and commercial license assets are now backed up to the cloud so if my older computer should kick the bucket, I won’t lose thousands of dollars worth of assets.
With all of my creative assets in the cloud, I can use them on different devices, rather than being tethered to my desktop. That’s a very important component to an online business that allows me freedom from the office.

Speaking of Adobe Creative Cloud, I know that I talk about free resources a lot and have a reputation for being very frugal, but I do spend money where it will net me a larger return. If you are in any creative business, particularly, you can’t find a better value than the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. For less than $56 per month, I have all the tools I need for my creative work, as well as powerful tools for other aspects of my business, like Acrobat Pro.

I wrote the above 3 days ago. It’s not been posted until today because I broke the website already. Told you I hated the tech stuff! But I finally figured it out and got my SSL certificates installed. I’ve also applied for affiliate approval for Adobe and Namecheap. I’m going to recommend them either way but it doesn’t hurt to get paid for it, right?

I’ve also just been approved for a MailerLite account so you will see a subscribe form appear today or within the next few days. As the title of this post states: baby steps.

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