The idea of using a computer to earn money fascinated me from the day my brother-in-law set up my first machine. I started out with online surveys and have been earning money in one form or another ever since – for over twenty years now.

I’ve made money online with:

  • ghostwriting services
  • press release writing
  • news writing
  • private label rights content
  • digital products
  • affiliate marketing
  • publishing
  • graphics

A few years back, I earned a very nice living with my online business ventures. However, my life was incredibly off balance. I found myself spending almost every waking minute at the computer desk, trying to do more and more. I ended up burned out and I walked away from it all.

I spent a couple years working at a local mom & pop convenience store with bit of dabbling online, but not a lot. Then my grandmother needed me and I moved back to my home state of Maine to take care of her. I worked sporadically online during this period, publishing adult coloring books and selling custom illustrations to other publishers.

After my grandmother passed, I continued to publish occasionally, but also got a job. My long-time partner, Deb, finally moved to Maine and we bought a house in the country in the fall of 2019. She’s retired but I’m still working.

Unfortunately, my health is rapidly making it difficult to do my job. Actually, I am very healthy but I say that I’m structurally unsound. I was diagnosed with arthritis when I was 16 and now that I’m in my fifties, my joints are pretty bad. I’ve recently been diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, as well, which involves compression to the nerves of the shoulders and neck.

There are other symptoms that are still being puzzled out as I visit different specialists, but the main concern right now is that I’m heading towards a hip replacement. The pain is making it very hard and the doctors have already said that I’m looking at progressive deterioration of my joints, at the very least.

Earning online isn’t really a choice now. The only way I can put off the hip replacement and slow the other joints from deteriorating is to build my business again. A real business – not the dabbling I’ve been doing the past few years.

I’m determined to build something this time that I won’t ever burn out on. That means that I can’t simply be trading time for money. My business will need to have a lot of passive and semi-passive income possibilities so that the money keeps coming in even if I can’t work for a time.

This blog will be where I talk about the methods I use to build my business. I’m hoping you will hold me accountable when I slack off or when my focus wanders. In return, I’ll be as transparent as I can in showing you what works, what doesn’t, what is enjoyable, and what stinks. I’ll be sharing resources, tips, and hacks that I’ve learned through the years, as well as new ones that I discover.

Hang on to your seats – it might be a wild ride!